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Flower pollen, Perga

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Flower pollen, Perga 13.09.2019 16:29



Contains biologically active substances of plant and bee origin, a pantry of nutritional and healing properties. In nature, there is no natural food analogue by the concentration of components necessary for the development and functioning of the body. It consists of proteins, sugars, fats, mineral salts, a set of almost all vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, natural antibiotics, etc., balanced and organically linked, which explains the comprehensive therapeutic effect.


Indications: chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; asthenia, depression; state of physical and mental fatigue; in combination with cardiovascular diseases; atherosclerosis of blood vessels; liver disease; menopause; infectious hepatitis; myopathies, multiple sclerosis; prolezhi, poorly healing wounds; emaciation; sexual failure in men and women; with damage to the parenchymal organs and nervous system.

An effective anti-anemic agent, enhances the formation of red blood cells and white blood cells, stimulates the growth of rapidly recovering tissues. It promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues, including hepatic, which leads to the restoration of its function (hepatoprotective effect).

It normalizes the activity of the nervous and endocrine systems, activates the process of insulin secretion by pancreatic cells.

It helps to reduce blood coagulation, strengthens capillaries, lowers blood cholesterol, has an antisclerotic effect, has a choleretic, diuretic, radioprotective and antitumor effect, delays the growth of intestinal microorganisms and regulates its function.

It stimulates the immune system, has a general strengthening effect, increases appetite, restores and increases body weight. Recommended for weakening the child's body. Increases mental and physical performance, enhances sexual desire and male sexual potency.

Strengthens the general condition, has a calming effect. It affects the restoration of metabolic processes during aging, helps to prolong life (pollen is an elixir of youth). Enhances the effect of many medicines.

Perga - pollen processed and preserved in honey, used by bees to feed babies. Equal to him in composition and effectiveness in nature does not exist! The mass of a bee baby from eating bee bread for 6 days increases 1,500 times! Such a high biological activity and strength does not have a single product in nature.

Method of application: 0.5 to 1 tsp. 2 to 3 times daily before meals.

Contraindications: allergy to bee products, severe damage to the renal parenchyma. Perhaps in a mixture with honey, use for allergies to pollen, as the addition of nectar, the secretion of the glands of bees and honey destroys pollen allergens.

Store pollen and bee bread at a temperature from 0 to 10 ° C, humidity not more than 65%, in a container with a tightly closed lid. Direct sunlight is not allowed.

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