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Main purpose of association – development of beekeeping in Uzbekistan.

Association carries out following actities to obtain its purposes:

- participation in the development of the association for the development of the beekeeping network;

- coordination of the implementation of programs for the development of beekeeping, coordination of the implementation of general science, technology, technology, investment and export policy;

- implementation of the location of beekeeping farms on the lands of the forest fund, mountain and foothill areas, pastures on natural grasses and agricultural lands in cooperation with local executive bodies and interested organizations;

- Strengthening the food base of beekeeping farms by facilitating the centralized production of artificial feed for bees and using this experience;

- assistance in the introduction of modern and modern methods of prevention, treatment and diagnosis of the incidence of bees;

- training of specialists of higher and secondary special, vocational education, including beekeeping in foreign institutions. Participation in effective organization and coordination of work on retraining and advanced training.

- consolidation and support of subjects and associations engaged in pollination, cultivation, reproduction and export of bee products through beekeeping in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- organization of trainings, exhibitions and seminars on knowledge of beekeeping subjects, personnel and specialists of the Association;

- identification, analysis, development of proposals to the competent bodies for the prevention and elimination of problems encountered by members of the Association and their implementation;

- Expansion of the economic development of the members of the Association, including the use of beekeeping (pollination), increasing their productivity, quality and quality of manufactured, processed and exported products, and facilitating the distribution of these products and services to consumers;

- Assistance in the organization of bee and bee pack systems, beekeeping, beekeeping equipment, production of equipment and processing of honey and packaging;

- Provision of theoretical and practical assistance to members of the Association in the field of sale, export, customs clearance and other products;

- Assistance to members of the Association in establishing and maintaining economic relations with other business entities, including with foreign partners;

- assistance to the members of the Association in studying and applying their knowledge and experience in the field of beekeeping, organizing and sharing experience with those who engage in similar activities abroad;

- creation and continuous development of common databases on fields and fields necessary for beekeeping;

- Preparation of training manuals, data sets and other similar publications for members of the Association, as well as providing information through the media;

- Conducting and coordinating research activities in the field of beekeeping;

- as well as performing other tasks and activities based on the main objectives of the association and aimed at the development of entrepreneurship and a free market economy, as provided for by the current legislation.

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